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Re: [jfw] Re: Discussion - Framework v2 Roadmap

On 23 February 2015 at 08:01, Michael Babker <michael.babker AT gmail.com> wrote:
> In our social packages, we only return a formatted response body from our
> methods, which makes the rest of the response data inaccessible.  In the
> case of GitHub, this makes it difficult to access the response headers to
> check the different data they send back with requests (such as pagination
> links for list APIs or rate limits).  So we need to make an adjustment to
> those APIs IMO to give access to the full response data.  Either by storing
> the last response as an accessible API point or adjusting all of our
> endpoints to return the full response (including the formatted body).

I'd probably return either a response model (something with functions)
or a response entity (something with just properties). The model is
probably better as you can define an interface.

You definitely need the ability to inspect headers.

Andrew Eddie

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