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Re: [jfw] Re: Discussion - Framework v2 Roadmap

On Thursday, 19 February 2015 02:19:48 UTC+10, Nils Rückmann wrote:
### Consolidated Code Repository

The current amount of packages is rediculous, indeed. But instead of throwing everything in one repository, we should have one repository for each logical block. MVC is a good example.

I was writing to disagree with you, but then I decided you are actually right. Those packages act as a single, highly coupled MVC triad so it would be fine to combine them. 

It could make for messy namespaces though. 

\Joomla\MVC\Model is a bit clunky.

It would almost be better to throw them back into the Application package.


Or, you use Action-Domain-Response as a super container (ADR is, in my opinion a better triad to describe how web applications work).

\Joomla\Action\Controller (CLI? REST? Who cares)
\Joomla\Domain\Model (and now you can add a Service, a Factory, etc)
\Joomla\Response\View (or a response Template, or even a Theme)

Huh. I like it.

Andrew Eddie

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