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Re: [jfw] Re: Discussion - Framework v2 Roadmap

Am i the only person who's asking why there is a discussion about the roadmap AFTER the official announcement ?

Besides that, i think it's way more productive to have one discussion for each thread.

And because i'm not getting tired to annoy people with my opinion, here it comes:

### Relicensed to LGPL


### Consolidated Code Repository

The current amount of packages is rediculous, indeed. But instead of throwing everything in one repository, we should have one repository for each logical block. MVC is a good example. It's one block, no one wants to use a model from framework x and a view from framework y. I've never understood why those classes were separated in the first place.  

### Documentation

Documentation is essential for every piece of code, even if you have a big brand like "Joomla". And if Joomla-FW separates the documentation and code, it will be the same mess like Joomla-CMSs documentation. Having documentation and code in the same repository doesnt't mean that there can't be another repository for global documentations like tutorials or guidelines.

### Minimum Supported PHP Version

Definitly 5.4 or even 5.5

### Path Constants


### Database / Filesystem

There are plenty other packages which are doing a great job (e.g. doctrine or flysystem), but a stable framework should use his own api to be flexible. So why not creating a persistence api like Typo3 Flow ?

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