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[jfw] Re: Discussion - Framework v2 Roadmap

Will the CMS use this new version of the Framework? I know that ideally both should dovetail but ultimately, is it the CMS or Framework that will take priority if there is a conflict.

Hi Hils,
Tough question. It is certainly (from the framework teams perspective) our intention for the CMS to use as much of the code as possible.

However many of these classes are not compatible with the CMS as we can take the liberties of making the backwards incompatible changes that were just not possible with version 3.x of the CMS (as an example will completely remove support for the "_QQ_" constant in the language package). In the majority of cases whilst minor it makes it pretty hard to implement and so it is better left to keep the CMS as is and make the breaks in 4.x. In cases where changes are minor the framework packages are already in place (for example the JUri class will extend the frameworks Uri from 4.x) and there are one or two more packages where we can probably do similar things. There will finally be a few packages where we will be making much more major changes (for example the Form package). In that case the likelihood is that the CMS will maintain it's own form package or if using the frameworks will only loosely use it.

From a PLT perspective I should also add no firm decision has been made for version 4.x of the CMS. However I'd suggest that the likihood is that at that time the majority (if not all) the framework packages will be used in the CMS

Kind Regards,

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