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Re: [jfw] The Joomla! framwork for which applications?

On 5 nov. 2014, at 03:41, Johan Janssens wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I picked a few of the questions you raised, the rest of my comments I have put in between.
> 1. Has the Framework gone so far "off course" with what people want the CMS to do ?
> Good question, the fruit of the work done in the framework depends on the ability to use the framework code in Joomla. It can be argued that the framework can be used outside of the cms scope, but as we both know there are too many better alternatives already.
> The only possible way to answer this question is try to refactor some of the framework code back into the CMS and see if it still fits while maintaining backwards compatibility. If it does the answer is : "no it hasn't gone to far off course".

We have introduced some modifications in the CMS which have not been ported to the Framework.

Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla-framework
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