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Re: [jfw] Re: The Joomla! framwork for which applications?

My thoughts on how to build joomla 4... We should not be focusing on code. The code is produced once a vision is created and stakeholders sign up to that vision.working on the framework before that vision becomes a consensus will always be frustrating as there will always be a discordance between what is created and what is needed.
that being said .....

Any way to reduce scaffolding for 3rd party devs to me is a key area to focus on. So routing and an oppinionated mvc structure is a good start. I'd ditch jform and jtable personally I find them too limited. 
As a 3pd I'd want to be able to specify a config file per view and have the framework build a default crud interface for me using 0 code. I want to have my data model accessible via a rest api which users can authenticate against. Basically we should make it a no brainer for a dev to install joomla (what ever form that ends up being) and to quickly create results whilst easily allowing overriding of the default behaviors and views

Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla-framework
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