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Re: [jfw] Re: The Joomla! framwork for which applications?

Hi Michael,

You have a great vision, and your ideas are sound.

However, from my view, when I tried to implement a simple application with Joomla! framework, it was a non-starters task. At the end, I dropped the project and implemented it with an alternative. My conclusion was that it was not ready for prime time, it had future, but it required several iterations (2-3 years) and great deal of documentation.

Concerning to the next generation of the CMS, after 10 years of evolution, Joomla has a whole mindset by itself and big heritage. A classic innovator dilemma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Innovator%27s_Dilemma), where every idea is too small to be implemented, and any new feature has to pass the scrutiny of the community. I think Joomla! framework (and the previous Joomla! platform... trying to be created inside the CMS itself) have had the burden of the "next generation".

If I have to bet on the next big thing, I would think in a small pet project, running from behind, for instance Yoo's Pagekit (Zoo and Widgekit inside) looks promising so far and I am planning to test the first stable release :-D.

All the best,

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