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[jfw] Re: The Joomla! framwork for which applications?

Many developers like to have newsest and smartest toys available and this may not be possible for a framework that's been built so tightly coupled with product like CMS which has strong backward strategy. The LGPL debate showed how conservative the CMS part is.

Other thing is that lots of solutions that Joomla framework just tackled are already available elsewhere. Reinventing the weel, learning best practices from scratch is counterproductive.

Last thing that might be putting people off is that JF is very unopinionated and while I see pros, this may be too much for beginners or for building a foundation for sharing packages.

I believe the composer integration in CMS may move things forward.

On Sunday, October 19, 2014 3:43:14 PM UTC+2, Cyril Thibout wrote:
We could address a much broader audience if the framework was completed. There is no equivalent with Wordpress or Drupal. The code of Joomla is already a framework but for the CMS only.

What about a crowfunding campaign ?

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