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[jfw] Re: The Joomla! framwork for which applications?

Thanks for your answers

They confirm what I was afraid of. I saw the opportunity to separate Joomla between the CMS layers and Framework layers died somehow but still hope the project of a full PHP framework on pair with Zend or Symfony is still active.

@Johan: Thanks for the link but I'm much more interrested in a general PHP framework than 'just' (sorry) a Joomla extension framework.

It's too bad that with all the sophistication of the Joomla code we can't bring to life a real PHP dev framework. It would be waaaayyyy simpler if we could share the knowledge between the  websites and applications projects with almost the same people in the company.

It would also help Joomla! in its race with other CMS. Look at all the buzz that Drupal did on Symfony which reinforced the position of Drupal for large companies. 


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