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[jfw] Re: 2.0 - Dropping PHP 5.3 Support

Personally I don't see an issue with 5.3 support. There are many hosts still on it. Plus as far as i know there are very few areas where it would make a difference. Even the json serializable stuff wouldn't be able to be fixed with the PHP5.5 & linux mess.

Also if we want to encourage more people to contribute we should be reassuring people latest and greatest features will still end in the CMS, because at the end of the day CMS contributors are going to be the majority of the contributors for the foreseeable future. Just because the CMS can still use v1.0 for composer, it doesn't really encourage people to submit features to the framework which go into v2.0 and we see in the CMS 5 years later when we move to v4.0 of the CMS...

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On Tuesday, September 2, 2014 8:52:01 AM UTC+1, Dmitry Rekun aka b2z wrote:

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014 7:21:07 AM UTC+3, Michael Babker wrote:
With efforts on getting packages up to 2.0 underway, one of the things that should be looked at is PHP 5.3 support.  With it having just gone EOL, should the 2.0 packages be required to continue supporting it or can we look at dropping support for it?

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