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[jfw] Error validating an inscription of a user


I have a problem validating a registration by e-mail, which will pass the user a link with your validation key. The particular problem is that the view with the confirmation message is not displayed, but internally it works correctly.

In a file 'helper' I have a function that checks if the validation is successful, the code is as follows:

public function validarInscripcionAnual(){

  // Initialise variables.

  $app = JFactory::getApplication();

  $model = $this->getModel('validara');


  // Get the data from the form POST

  $clave = JRequest::getVar('key', 'get');

  // Now update the loaded data to the database via a function in the model

  $valido = $model->validar($clave);

  // check if ok and display appropriate message.

  if ($valido){

     return true;



     return false;



In the model I have the function 'validar' is called in file 'helper', which makes the necessary operations with the database. The code is as follows:

public function validar($clave){

  // set the variables from the passed data

  $key = $clave;

  // set the data into a query to update the record

  $db = JFactory::getDBO();

  $query = $db->getQuery(true);

  $q = $db->getQuery(true);



  $query->where("clave='".$key."' ");


  $resultado = $db->loadResult();


  if ($db->loadResult() == 0){

     return false;



     $query->update(' #__anual');

     $query = "UPDATE #__anual SET validacion=1 where clave='".$key."'";



     if (!$db->query() || !$db->q() ) {

          JError::raiseError(500, $db->getErrorMsg());

          return false;

     } else {

          return true;




In the view I call the function of the file 'helper', The code is as follows:

public function display($tpl = null){

  // Get some data from the models

  $item = $this->get('Item');

  $this->item = $item;

  $test = InscripcionesHelper::validarInscripcionAnual();

  // Check for errors.

  if (count($errors = $this->get('Errors')){

     JError::raiseError(500, implode('<br />', $errors));

     return false;



  // Display the view



And in the view template I show a message depending on the result of the previous function. The code is as follows:


  // No direct access to this file

  defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');


  if ($test)


     echo "<h2>Enhorabuena.</h2>";

     echo "<p>Su inscripcion ha sido validada con exito.</p>";

     echo "<h4>Le esperamos en la academia!</h4>";


  else {

     echo "Algo a ido mal";



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