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Re: [jfw] How to fix Framework-App-Master installation failure

Hi Ivan,

I didn't find the same problem personally but I notice that PHP's symlink command on Windows seems to generate problems for quite a few people and by the look of the PHP docs it might not be supported across all Windows versions.  (http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.symlink.php)

Anyways, that step of the install setup is just trying to symlink the composer installed bootstrap resources (img,js,css) from composer's vendor dir (/vendor/twbs/bootstrap/docs/assets/) into the static assets dir (www/assets).  You could copy the files manually into their needed location.

If you choose to copy the files manually you just remove the post-install-cmd from the composer.json file.  You will see this on about line 18 of composer.json:

"post-install-cmd": [

Then re-run Composer.

Just bear in mind though you would need to move the resources by manually copying them.


On 30/04/2014, at 7:40 PM, ivan.rutter AT btconnect.com wrote:

On attempting to install Joomla framework-app-master, I get the following response:

Generating autoload files

Script App\Setup\installScript::postInstall handling the post-install-cmd event terminated with an exception


symlink(): Could not fetch file information error(3)

My environment:

Windows 7, Xampp, Php 5.4.7

Advice as to how to get past this hurdle would be appreciate.

Many thanks,


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