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Re: [jfw] Failing build of some packages

Haha, yeah I should have. Please explain psr-0 autoloader prefix replacement policy.
I understand that we can set a prefix and its path in composer and then it uses this prefix in someway.

In psr-4, prefix is matched with namespaced class and it is replaced with path. Isn't that the case with psr-0 also. I am talking about only custom namespaces, checkout last section ("Bonus Round") of https://jtreminio.com/2012/10/composer-namespaces-in-5-minutes/

In psr-0 autoloading is this correct?
"autoload": {
        "psr-0": {
            "Foo\\Bar\\": "src"

and Foo\Bar\Abc_Qwe class is present in src/Foo/Bar/Abc/Qwe.php, I guess this one is correct as it is working flawlessly.

and in psr-4 Foo\Bar\Abc_Qwe class should be present in src/Abc_Qwe.php

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