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[jfw] Re: GSoC 2014: Improve Date classes

Hi, thanks for the answer and link - I will definitely look into it!

On Monday, May 5, 2014 2:25:00 PM UTC+2, Todor Iliev wrote:
Hi Tomasz,

I have just read about you and your GSOC project on Joomla! Community Magazine.
I think, your project is one of the most interesting. I guess, you will enjoy and learn many useful things during the process of development.

I will try to help you to complete your project successfully. I am going to share my experience, code and needs.
I guess, they would be helpful to you.

I really hope, you will complete successfully this valuable for many people project.

Here you are some methods that you can use if you want for ides or anything else. I have collected them from the Internet ( StackOverflow,...) and use them in my projects. I guess, they could be helpful to you.


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