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[jfw] Failing build of some packages

Hello everyone,

I am doing a GSoC project "Framework Unit Testing", for that I cloned each package and ran cmd `composer install`, didn't get any error till now. But when I ran tests in each package got some errors and failing tests.
Following are the packages :
Crypt : https://travis-ci.org/joomla-framework/crypt/builds
Form : https://travis-ci.org/joomla-framework/form/builds

It looks like classes are not autoloaded in these packages correctly.
I understand that to autoload a class \Foo\Bar\ABC\QWE, it should be present in dir Foo/Bar/ABC and if base directory is explicitly set, then still QWE class should be present in QWE.php. This is not the case with form fields. I did some minor modification and got https://github.com/Achal-Aggarwal/form/compare/form-field-min (https://travis-ci.org/Achal-Aggarwal/form/builds). Although I like this one (https://github.com/Achal-Aggarwal/form/compare/form-field) more.

So my question is that, is it already a known fact that these two packages are not passing build? 
Am I missing something in autoloading concept?
Even if these packages are not passing build (tests) due to autoloading problem, is it right to assume that no one is using them right out of the box? 

Kind Regards

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