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[jfw] Not thrilled with the direction the Framework is taking

I'm not really thrilled by the direction the framework has been taking.

What sparked my post was seeing a suggestion to deprecte JFile and JFtp and replace them with some other package.

I took a look at the other package and I fully agree that it is much more flexible and would be a welcome addition.

However, the difference between a "Framework/Platform" and a "Collection of Packages" is that a framework provides for a common shared terminology.  

Whether you call the primary execution task of a class, task, doTask, execute, run, main, or something else doesn't really matter.  What matters is that as much as possible, the same term is used consistently.

As such, I disagree strongly with the idea of deprecating and removing many of the framework classes in favor of other packages.  I would much rather see the framework augmented by those packages.

IE redesign JFile so it is merely a convenience wrapper around SomeOtherClass.  

I want to stress, I am not saying what /SHOULD/ be done  - I am voicing my opinion to ensure that I did voice it and it can be duly considered and dismissed. :-)

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