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[jfw] Make the DispatcherInterface standalone

So last night I was looking at the session package dependency on the event package (because currently application loads session which loads event)

And I realised all that was actually needed was an instance of the dispatcher interface (hence PR: https://github.com/joomla-framework/session/pull/6). However it got me thinking that actually all we need there is the interface for dispatcher and also the same in the application if we wanted to go back to triggering events there (I know we removed it - but just say for the sake of argument).

So I want to propose that we make the DispatcherInterface into a standalone repo. It means if any repo we want to trigger an event all we need is the interface and we don't need to pull in the full package. It also makes it supereasy for anyone downstream who wants to replace the Joomla events package with their own custom events package to create something that implements said package without having to import a full extra set of classes they have intention of using. It's also a massive +1 for inter-operability in my opinion

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