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Re: [jfw] LGPL License Change Approved

On 2 April 2014 09:53, Eric Fernance <> wrote:
>> But - we don't really know how to build a complete extension on the
>> new Framework yet anyway.
> When you say complete extension are you referring to building a complete
> Joomla extension using the Framework?

Correct. I have no idea about how to advise you to build, for example,
a new component using just the Joomla Framework (you need to replace
JModelForm and all that jazz, and we haven't started to explore that

> I'm assuming you don't mean stand
> alone apps as there's a few of those around now (Framework app, new tracker
> etc. etc).

Right. We have really solid examples for CLI's. The new issue tracker
is an example of a much lighter web application using the FW and

Andrew Eddie

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