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Re: [jfw] LGPL License Change Approved

Hi Andrew,

I must be having an obtuse day today.  Any chance you can clarify this statement a little for me:

> But - we don't really know how to build a complete extension on the
> new Framework yet anyway. 

When you say complete extension are you referring to building a complete Joomla extension using the Framework? I'm assuming you don't mean stand alone apps as there's a few of those around now (Framework app, new tracker etc. etc).



On 02/04/2014, at 9:35 AM, Andrew Eddie <mamboblue AT gmail.com> wrote:

On 2 April 2014 09:00, Nils Rückmann <> wrote:
I'm not a lawyer, but does the entry point has any relevance on legal terms
? Let's assume the framework is under LPGL and the CMS under GPL. Correct
me, but if i would build an extension which is based on the framework and
does not inherit from any CMS class, then i could release that extension
under a non-GPL licence.

It boils down to whether you want to be listed in the JED or not and
it doesn't matter whether the Framework is GPL or LGPL. If you do, you
need to follow the rules of the JED and make your extension GPL. If
not, I imagine it's possible to produce an extension under a
proprietary license as long as you don't link to any Joomla core code
at all (for example, you could build an extension on pure MIT code and
then give it a commercial license). You'd have to get legal opinion on
whether loading `configuration.php` is consider enough linking to
trigger the GPL.

The reality is though, we tolerate a workaround for template clubs to
have site licenses which goes against the copyleft principles of the
GPL family of licenses. I think that was a bad call in hindsight and
this is a much more serious matter to consider than changing the
license of the Framework to LGPL (it's still copyleft after all).

Yes, the LGPL probably makes it ever so slightly easier for a company
to make a proprietary extension using Joomla code they might be
familiar with instead of looking elsewhere, but they still have to
provide you with the LGPL parts plus all classes derived from it even
if they encode the whole extension. In that case, you'd look for an
MIT library before you consider using our Framework if that was your
goal but forget about listing on the JED.

But - we don't really know how to build a complete extension on the
new Framework yet anyway. Just as an aside, I'd love to work on a new
extension format that has a Drupal and WordPress compatibility layer
built in so extension developers can widen their adoption to those
platforms - that's my current BHAG :) (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Andrew Eddie

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