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Re: [jfw] LGPL License Change Approved

On 2 April 2014 06:24, Nils Rückmann <> wrote:
> Indeed, great news. But can somebody explain how the following will work ?
>> The roadmap for the CMS calls for a future version of the Joomla Framework
>> to be used within it. When that happens, the GPL license for the CMS will
>> apply to any combined Joomla Framework + CMS application.
> It sounds like jumping between GPL and LGPL.

We are actually doing a bit of false advertising saying the CMS is
released under the GPL, because in reality it's released under a
number of licenses including LGPL and MIT (it doesn't really matter
what they are, just as long as they are compatible with the GPL). But
at the end of the day, because the PHP entry point of the CMS is GPL,
it takes precedence (and, of course, any GPL code would "infect" the
rest of the stack anyway). I don't think it's as clear for the UI
layer but that's a legal question for someone else to worry about.

The point here is to protect the rights of the receiver of the CMS
code so, for example, if someone complies the PHP into a binary, they
still have to give you the GPL and LGPL source code. However, they
wouldn't have to give you the MIT or BSD parts of the source code.
That's why we are sticking with a copyleft license for the Framework
so that the receiver still has the ability to request that code and
work derived from it (extended classes).

Andrew Eddie

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