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Re: [jfw] Joomla PDO Database Driver

To finish this off-topic part:

In your DoctrineDatabaseProvider you can delete lines 157-169:

// Process all excludes
foreach ($excludes as &$exclude)
// Strip placeholder
if (substr($exclude, 0, 3) == '#__')
$exclude = substr($exclude, 3);

// Add prefix
// TODO: not sure if Doctrine takes care of this
// $exclude = $prefix . $exclude;

In your TablePrefix class you can change the line 53:
$classMetadata->setTableName($this->prefix . $classMetadata->getTableName());
$classMetadata->setTableName(str_replace('#__', $this->prefix, $classMetadata->getTableName()));

and line 60:
$classMetadata->associationMappings[$fieldName]['joinTable']['name'] = $this->prefix . $mappedTableName;
$classMetadata->associationMappings[$fieldName]['joinTable']['name'] = str_replace('#__', $this->prefix, $mappedTableName);

In that way you just replace the #__ prefix by the real one, instead of always sticking a prefix in front of the table-name.

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