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Re: [jfw] Joomla PDO Database Driver

Just changed
     'driver' => $joomlaConfig->'pdo_mysql',
    'driver' => $joomlaConfig->get('dbtype'),
in the configuration for my Doctrine EntityManager in a Joomla CMS and everything still works...

Just because everybody uses PDO with Doctrine (and many also without Doctrine), doesn't mean it is the only possibility. So, I can just keep using the same mysqli-database-connection. Thanks a lot!

Still going to experiment with a pdo_mysql driver for Joomla. But it is less urgent now.

On Sunday, 6 April 2014 15:56:55 UTC+2, Herman Peeren wrote:
You are right: a mysqli-driver can be used in Doctrine DBAL (and I guess by Doctrine ORM on top of that):
Because I haven't see that before, I thought it was impossible.

I'm quickly going to try out using that in a Joomla-extension with Doctrine (let you know). That would then solve the mentionded problem too. Great! Thanks for sharing that code!

On Sunday, 6 April 2014 15:40:58 UTC+2, Herman Peeren wrote:
@piotr_cz in line 139 of your DoctrineServiceProvider you use
'driver' => $appConfig->get('database.driver'),
to get the db-driver you use in the Doctrine EntityManager. But I don't understand how that could work. For it will retrieve the driver used in Joomla, like mysqli, while AFAIK Doctrine needs a pdo-driver. Did you get that working? How? What was your driver? Interesting!

BTW in my implementation you'll see much CMS-stuff (like \Factory), but that is because my Doctrine-applications are mainly Joomla CMS extensions (as that is what my customers need... and are paying for). Only recently also started to use Doctrine with some Joomla Framework parts, without the whole CMS.

On Sunday, 6 April 2014 13:37:06 UTC+2, piotr_cz wrote:
I use Sqlite for testing, and it's being used in the Database tests and in Jooma CMS tests too, it's really handy.

By the way, did you manage to use Doctrine with table prefix (Joomla style)? While it works for me when creating entities and updating table schema, it doesn't when going other way around, I'm getting double-prefixed table names.

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