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[jfw] Re: Is the framework really used ?

When the platform first came out, I was one of the first to try to use it for Molajo. I wasted a lot of time on a code base that was written to specifically build the Joomla CMS. Allesando's account was passionate but fair.

Since that time, the team has openly recognized that the code is too coupled to the CMS and to the framework. There has been very good work done separating out that which is the application layer from that which is framework-related code. Many of the examples he shared were application classes and are no longer in the framework.

Needless to say, the Joomla Framework is not where it needs to be. There is a lot of work to do be done to develop factory methods to feed the new DI class and rack out all of the instantiation logic in classes. There are still some statics to remove. A bit of modernization for field filtering and template rendering wouldn't hurt.

Personally, I think any framework has it's issues. Projects like Cake are also trying to modernize their frameworks. Projects like CodeIgniter continue -- but without any leadership or future. Even Symfony2 has issues with heavy dependencies and complexity. I wouldn't be surprised to see them completely redo the Forms package -- again -- this after three years of writing it. Even today's sweetheart, Laravel takes a good deal of crap for it's use of "facades" (code name static service locators.)

The Joomla Community should be rallying behind it's framework since it powers it's CMS but unfortunately some community leaders have been very loud in their criticism of the project -- and they have absolutely no development background so they really should reserve their comments for that which they understand.

In the end, if the community doesn't support the framework revitalization effort, it's going to get very difficult to keep the CMS moving forward. Even bringing in another framework is a long-term effort -- ask Drupal -- they are well into year 3 of Drupal 8 and there is no hint of a release date.

There are better frameworks. If you are invested in the Joomla CMS, there is good reason to invest in the Joomla Framework, too. If you don't plan to continue with the CMS, then, maybe it would be worthwhile to invest the significant time needed to learn a new one.

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014 8:30:05 AM UTC-5, Cyril Thibout wrote:

is the article http://odino.org/why-joomla-sucks-why-the-joomla-platform-sucks-even-harder-and-how-we-can-fix-this/ still valid ??

We are studying the possibility of using the Joomla framework as the PHP framework of all our non CMS projects since we use Joomla for years.

Instead of learning Symfony or cakePHP which prepresent a huge investment, can we really use the J! framework?

Do we have big names using the Joomla  framework please? 



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