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Re: [jfw] Is the framework really used ?

On 9 April 2014 23:30, Cyril Thibout <> wrote:
> is the article
> http://odino.org/why-joomla-sucks-why-the-joomla-platform-sucks-even-harder-and-how-we-can-fix-this/
> still valid ??

No, but it did take us more than 2 years to get to where he wanted to
go. The thing he didn't take into account is that we had and still
have an existing extension industry that doesn't like using the newest
toys as soon as they become available. But remember, Composer was
still in it's infancy at the time. In hindsight, he's right - we
should have just bitten the bullet in 2011, namespaced and not
maintained backward compatibility with the CMS. If we'd done that I
suspect 3.0 would be running on fully namespaced code. Such is the
benefit of hindsight, but we could never have known that in 2011 :)

Andrew Eddie

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