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[jfw] Re: Did the CMS team decide if they will use the framework for CMS 4.x ?


Thanks for the answer. As a CEO of a french web agency that has been investing on Joomla for years, I'm now looking for technologies for non CMS project.

Naturally it would make sense to use the same framework for non CMS projects as the framework on which our favorite CMS is based on. Unfortunately there is a big confusion between the joomla platform and the new framework.

Do we have a realistic chance the next (4?) release of J! will be based on the framework ? This way our investment would be guaranted 

Besides, if I want to build a new non cms project now I don't even know what I should install on my computer !
(Joomla API, platform, framework...) there are many different sites with different repositories!



Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-framework
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