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Re: [jfw] LGPL process debrief

On 12 April 2014 04:55, Niv Froehlich <> wrote:
> I didn't like the tone of Andrew's response, but it is, in my view, having
> the effect of shutting down any conversion that isn't pushing the actual
> Framework along.

I apologise for the tone, but not the requirement for it to be said.
Niv "infects" every discussion this way and most people have had quite
enough. As Michael said, his opinion is not the problem, it's twisting
every conversation to share it that is. We are developers here - we
just want to code.

The feedback I was after was over things we had control over during
the process. Did we discuss the idea in public in the right way? Was
the survey enough? Could we have marketed better to reduce the ability
of people against the change spreading false and misleading

> Let's just it leave it there....(i.e. focus on the positive things building
> momentum without any other discussion that would be distracting from that)

What I'm sensing is, apart from taking the time to prepare a FAQ sheet
with OSM's first call for feedback, I don't thing we could have done
anything particularly "better". So, indeed, let's just move forward on
development matters. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Andrew Eddie

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