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[jfw] Re: LGPL process debrief

First of all, I'd rather be 'pro-active' than be doing a 'post-mortem'

As per Nils

IMO the goal should be a well structured and connected (SSO "Joomla-ID") community.

To my mind, that is on par and sensible for the Joomla! Community - your Joomla!-ID would be your member ID, and 'registered' member with OSM with voting rights (at the very least to vote in your reps on OSM, CLT, PLT) 

As per OSM's current by-laws

3.3. ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP...A "contributor" shall be any individual who has contributed to improving Open Source Matters and its projects in any form.

We need to get around to the business of defining specifically who qualifies as 'contributor,' admitting those contributors as members, and having those members vote for the people they feel will represent their interests.


- do members of OSM, PLT and CLT have a bona fide claim that they are representatives of the community at large;

- people in the community will have a 'say' as opposed to simply being allowed to 'speak' (there is a world of difference)
- will Joomla! be able to poll the 'membership' and let them have a 'vote;'

If you want to know what was wrong with the LGPL handling of the decisions, and every other major decision being made with PLT, CLT and OSM - it's that not of those people, not a single one,  has been elected by the broad community - yet they are making decisions on our behalves.

As one example of how out-of-touch with the community that decision was, despite seeking public opinion - when it was clear that those who responded were in favour of GPL by a margin of at least 2:1, OSM disregarded the majority and voted in LGPL anyways - so what was the point of wasting everybody's time with such requests for public feedback or debates?

This is not a criticism of anybody on PLT, CLT or OSM (in fact thank you so much for all your contributions) - this is criticism of our current structure as it pertains to how Joomla! is governed and how the community at large is prevented from having a say in their affairs and who represents them.

It's also not a criticism of LGPL as an appropriate licence for Framework (in fact I personally support LGPL) - but were I get very upset with OSM, if you look at the tally from folks who responded - and you that some them are massive contributors to the code base - they weren't even given a vote - OSM made sure of it - and that stinks.



On Wednesday, 2 April 2014 17:28:24 UTC-4, Andrew Eddie wrote:
Ok, lots of people have had lots to say about the 15 month long
process to change the license of the Framework to the LGPL. I'm not so
proud to say were could not have improved the process - so if anyone
has any suggestions about what we could have done better (keeping in
mind we are all unpaid volunteers and our time is valuable to us),
please share them.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Eddie

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