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Re: [jfw] Re: LGPL process debrief

I personally don't think we could have done a lot better, other than
being better prepared for OSM's request for feedback.

However, one thing stands out to me that we should do. That is that
developer.joomla.org could/should be only about CMS development and we
should turn framework.joomla.org into a fully fledged portal just for
the Framework architecture.

I also think we should pull all Framework material off docs.joomla.org
to, likewise, reduce any potential confusion that may occur (I doubt
it does, but it would cover our bases nonetheless).

Does anyone see a problem with that kind of strategy?

Something that is still not clear to me, however, is where the
framework news fits into the Community site and also announcement on
www.joomla.org. I don't have any suggestions for how that should work.

Andrew Eddie

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