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[jfw] Install and Start Website Develop through Joomla Framework 1.x

Hi all,

Thanks to you all, You are all Seniors Persons, who developing the website into Joomla framework.
But unfortunately, I want to also develop the website through Joomla Framework, Its very new to me. Kindly help me to start this.
I have installed the composer. So, i have no way exactly, where i gone and exactly where i start the development.

Please give me the path and how to develop the website and how to the develop the small login feature that after i can run my life over Joomla Framework.

My company wants the output to me regarding Joomla Framework.

Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-framework
Visit http://developer.joomla.org for more information about developing with Joomla!
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