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Re: [jfw] define... ??

We don't really need the _QQ_ to support double quotes, I would vote for removing it, if you want to use it you can define it yourself.
Double quotes are not very much used in languages files and I would say it's fine to just escape double quotes with \ or use html entity.

Am Mittwoch, 16. April 2014 09:45:24 UTC+2 schrieb piotr_cz:
I wouldn't say remove but refactor Text package to keep support for escaping double quotes in .ini language files

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 12:13:42 AM UTC+2, Andrew Eddie wrote:
On 16 April 2014 07:56, Michael Babker <> wrote:
> Yes -
> https://github.com/joomla-framework/language/blob/master/src/Language.php#L13-L16

Ah. That can be deprecated and then removed in 2.0. We don't need to
support it any more.

Andrew Eddie

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