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[jfw] define... ??


I would like to point out and ask if the framework should not be using 

const foo = "baa"

instead of

define('foo' , 'baa');

i am trying to use the framework on inside joomla it self, we are doing this to eventually make option to stand alone.

so we get something like _QQ_ already defined .when using language part of the framework .. i do not know if it really has to be _QQ_ or not i can find any info on this ..

bot at the very least i think that global constants should ALL be checked first .. OR const foo = "baa" if they cant ... 
if (!defined('_QQ_')) {
define('_QQ_', '"');

assuming we make like this
const _QQ_ = '"';

this constant could be used like this..


I would be more than happy to create a bunch of pull requests for this. but i do not know how to work with phpunit very well only done it once for joomla it self and it was a nightmare because i am on windows and must of it would not run there.. so it could never complete the run 100%

but long story short if you can tell me my pull request wont be accepted i wont waste my time. (or yours)


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