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Re: [jfw] Validate, Filter, and Escape Package

On Friday, April 18, 2014 7:44:47 PM UTC-5, Andrew Eddie wrote:
On 18 April 2014 18:03, Amy Stephen <> wrote:
> If any of my code is useful it can be brought into the Joomla framework
> under the LGPL and changed. It will be treated like any other Joomla code --
> OSM's copyright -- your coding standards, your code. You can delete it -
> restructure it - keep it as it is. I'm still family. Like it, or not. ;-)

Ok, thanks for the offer. As I said, I'd prefer to separate Filtering
and Validation so I hope you won't be offended if when I get around to
making a PR, I do it in that fashion. I may, however, borrow some
ideas from your package if you don't mind.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't offended. Anyone would be.

There are over 50 data type tests already available for validation, filtering, and escaping.

To use, a developer injects the $fieldhandler using the interface into the class during construction.

To Validate:

$result = $this->fieldhandler('Validate', 'Fieldname', $current_value, 'single, or, chain, of, tests');
if ($result->getReturnValue() === false) {
   $messages = $result->getErrorMessages();

To Filter:

$put_this_in_the_data = $this->fieldhandler('Filter', 'Fieldname', $current_value, 'single, or, chain, of, tests');

To Escape the output before rendering:

$ready_for_the_view = $this->fieldhandler('Escape', 'Fieldname', $current_value, 'html');

There are 158 tests -- all successful.

The usage is fully documented.

You didn't even test it or consider it -- nor did any of the framework team or members of the PLT -- or if they did, they didn't share any feedback.

I'm a developer -- a good one with 30+ years of experience -- and a member of this community.  Of course, I am offended. You have a prototype with five tests.

Just not one of the good 'ole boys.

Andrew Eddie

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