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Re: [jfw] Validate, Filter, and Escape Package

On 18 April 2014 12:23, Amy Stephen <> wrote:
> OK, I can see this is going nowhere.

What part of "why not just agree on an interface" don't you like? I
wasn't joking - that was a serious suggestion. That leaves the
implementation up to you (or me, or Don, or whomever), but anyone that
standardises on those interfaces is in a win-win position of having a
number of choices to work with. That would seem to be a logical first
step when there are at least two competing, but equally valid (I'm not
saying your way is wrong, it's just one option), coded solutions. I
seem to remember you advocating interfaces over implementation in the
past anyway.

And maybe I wasn't clear but it would be appropriate to list the user
libraries that implement these interfaces both as kudos to the
developers and helps the developer user find them. A nice side effect
is that you may also have more license freedom (can't wait to see what
our friend on twitter will make of that comment) but I'll play it safe
and stick to LGPL-2.1+ :)

/me is scratching his head wondering what just happened

Andrew Eddie

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