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Re: [jfw] Re: Discussion - Package Updates for Framework 2.0

The Joomla Common Payments API by Techjoomla: http://techjoomla.com/cpg.html

On Monday, 21 April 2014 09:36:18 UTC+2, Eric wrote:
Righto, so if there is some interest then I am happy to have a hunt around some of the API docs for the different services and see how complex the task might be. (Unless someone has already done that??)

What would be some of the most common payment gateways people use / need?  I was thinking:

Paypal Standard
Paypal Paypro
Secure Pay

I'd be really keen to see a possible bit coin broker / option in the mix as well.

Omnipay's got a bunch of others? I don't know if anyone really uses them or not? I've only really used Paypal and a little bit of eWay…. 


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