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Re: [jfw] How to enable SSL for specific pages

Hi Ganesh,

This seems to have sat for a day (and I'm pretty curious to know the answer to this one too…..!)

So maybe this isn't the correct way and one of the other more knowledgeable folks can advise correctly but I notice in AbstractWebApplication class there is function isSSLConnection();

So maybe what you could do is in your cpanel constructor or initialise method check $app->isSSLConnection() and it not redirect using $app->redirect…

Assuming that $app is an instance of your AbstractWebApplication.

Let's see if anyone else has anything?


On 29/04/2014, at 5:07 AM, Ganesh Kumar <ganesh35 AT gmail.com> wrote:


I have created my first app using sample-app.

my routes.json file is:

I want to rung my cpanel on https.  Please someone suggest me how I can achieve this.


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