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[jfw] How to enable SSL for specific pages


I have created my first app using sample-app.

my routes.json file is:
"dashboard": "\\Controller\\DashboardController",
"dashboard/:task": "\\Controller\\DashboardController",
"news": "\\Controller\\NewsController",
"news/:task": "\\Controller\\NewsController",
"news/:task/:id": "\\Controller\\NewsController",
        "home": "\\HomeComponent\\Controller\\HomeController",
        "login": "\\UserComponent\\Controller\\UserController",
        "cpanel": "\\CpanelComponent\\Controller\\CpanelController",
        "cpanel/:id": "\\CpanelComponent\\Controller\\CpanelController"

I want to rung my cpanel on https.  Please someone suggest me how I can achieve this.


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