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[jfw] Re: Single Task Controllers RFC

On Thursday, April 17, 2014 7:35:46 AM UTC-5, Mathew Lenning wrote:
Hey everyone, 

I posted this in the CMS list and Amy suggested I post it here too for good measure. This is a single task controller design that removes the need to extend base controller classes when building components. I've got it on Google drive right now, I'm going to build a hello world component to show how it works.  For a basic over view check the CMS discussion

Yes, this is something the framework team should definitely look at. Mathew did an excellent job of separating each task into it's own controller -- something I have understood was the goal with the new MVC architecture.

Lots of questions about where Joomla should go with it's MVC and component structure. This is golden.

Will be v interested in hearing Don Gilbert's take on it, too. The discussion on Don's post -- his comments and those of others gets into why the approach Mathew took is highly recommended by experts. I believe (could be wrong!) the path Mathew took is exactly what was intended by Andrew/Louis when the MVC Interfaces and for the future of J!.

Let me know what you think. I would love to see this in J4 


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