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[jfw] Re: Improve media handling in Joomla!

Hi All:

Thanks for your interest on this. 

I think this is a pretty interesting idea. Basically I see it as a 'media' library to handle different media types. My questions would be, what are we 'doing' with those media types? Is it something like uploading / downloading? Streaming? I'd like to see some detail on how we plan to actually interact with the media. 

Also since you're posting this on the framework list I'm going to assume this is more of a library package for the framework and not something that we would see pushed into the CMS just yet? Or perhaps it will be both? But this is something that should be defined. Either it's a library, or a library and some core-CMS code. 

A summary of some requirements that need to be defined:
Just some things to think about as we try to 'solidify' the idea. 

On Monday, 3 March 2014 23:53:40 UTC-5, Buddhima Wijeweera wrote:
Hi Jonathan,
I'm so happy about your interest towards this and thanks lot for your interest to be as the mentor.
I'll do some background research and put this in GSoC idea list.
Btw: did you sign in google-melange as a GSoC mentor?

Willing to hear from you.

Thank you,
Buddhima Wijeweera

On Monday, March 3, 2014 8:52:38 AM UTC+5:30, Buddhima Wijeweera wrote:
Hi All,

Currently I'm involved with Joomla! developments and I felt that Joomla! needs to enhance capabilities of handling media (images, videos and audio). So I would like to propose 2 ideas, which could incorporate with GSoC 2014. I believe after these ideas completed, CMS can take them and enhance managing media (eg: in Media Manager). Specially I want to highlight that, by handling media types like video, audio Joomla! will get an extra benefit compared to others.

1. Extending JImage with ImageMagick - was an idea in 2012 GSoC list, and I feel would be useful to enhance media manager (combining several common functions into one for a more convenient operation, adding more image manipulating techniques).  

2. New libarary to handle video content. Currently there's no library to interact with video providing services like YouTube, Vimeo. So I think, if we can have this, it would enhance the media manager in handling videos as well, which would help to outshine Joomla! compared to others.

Further thinking, it would be pretty nice, if a student can implement a JMedia library, which can handle video, audio and images.

So, I would like to know your opinion on these ideas.

Thank You!

Buddhima Wijeweera

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