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[jfw] Bad magic using composer and separate packages

So, since the Framework repo changed to own github organisation with packages as branches, I've started using these in the composer.json.

Suprisingly, adding some packages triggered installing whole repo of `github.com/joomla/joomla-framework (1.1.0)` and next additional `composer update` calls removed packages that are available in `vendor/joomla/framework`.

I've isolated the problematic packages to following

"joomla/application" : "1.1.*@stable",
"joomla/model" : "1.1.*@stable",
"joomla/view" : "1.1.*@stable",
"joomla/compat" : "1.1.*@stable",  
"joomla/crypt" : "1.1.*@stable",
"joomla/data" : "1.1.*@stable",
"joomla/form" : "1.1.*@stable",

I've checked some composer.json files of these, but none contained the "joomla/joomla-framework".
I've cleared the cache but still no luck.

Then I've checked all dependencies dependencies and all use "compat" or "log" packages.

I have no idea what's happening.
Effectively I'm stuck to joomla/joomla-framework version 1.1.0.

Does anybody have this problem or have any idea what's going on?

Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-framework
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