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[jfw] Re: Installing packages with composer triggers importing whole joomla-framework repo

On Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:31:06 PM UTC-4, Amy Stephen wrote:

Is there anyway to merge back in the history?

Yes, the problem is that whoever moved the code didn't use 'git mv' to copy the code from one directory to another, thus losing the history.  I'm also not sure what tool was used for splitting it up, I know git subtree will create a virtual history if given the correct parameters.

It is possible[at least for me] to backup to the pre-split commit and have a script move over all the files and create a new commit.  Then pull out just the new code from the new structure and commit that.  Finally, run a merge commit from there with the commit that broke the history.

I'm working on the scripting of it this weekend using libgit2 to learn the api....wanna help? :-) 

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