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[jfw] Re: Questions about Session package

Hi Kathrik,
there were a discussion about the sense of the having own Session package in the Joomla Framework: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-framework/pull/136.

The JIssues application and Framework sample application is using the `symfony/http-foundation`, I'm using that one too.

I'd say that the current Session packagage is not used by developers much, thus is somehow forgotten and still contains some legacy code.

I think we should reevaluate the pros of having own Session package in the framework, Symfony one is really good but (as most of Symfony packages) my be over-engineered, if someone like me likes to peek into the code and learn how things work under the hood.

On Friday, March 14, 2014 1:20:32 AM UTC+1, Karthik Narendran wrote:

Have been stuck with Session package for few days now. There are couple of questions I'd like to ask.
  1. Session.php uses Joomla\Event\Dispatcher and Joomla\Input\Input both of which are not mentioned in composer
  2. Is there a JSession? Why is tests for JSession kept under _Tests


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