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[jfw] Getting Github Milestones via Basic Authentcation

Hi Folks,

I've spent a couple of hours hunting around trying to work out how to do this but I'm stumped.

I need to retrieve milestones for a couple of different github repos (all owned by me).  I need to use basic authentication as I will only have username and password.

So far I have gotten to this:

//create the registry object containing the github options
$options = new Registry;

//create the github object.
$github = new Github($options);

$milestonedetails = $github->issues->milestones->get('githubusername','reponame',milestoneid);

Works fine on public repos and from my test environment (but I have SSH keys) but won't get milestones for my private repos when I install on host's server.

I can see the constant: AUTHENTICATION_BASIC in the source code but I'm unsure where to set it and what the option name should be.  I'm guessing I can pass it as part of the Registry object but I can't work out what name it should be.

Can anyone give me some pointers?


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