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[jbs] Re: Feedback on PhpStorm

I tried Eclispe, I tried NetBeans and these did not feel like mine. Then I switched to phpStorm and never will look back. Simply the best. Everything is in place, lots of options and easy to configure.


On Monday, November 11, 2013 9:43:37 AM UTC+2, Andreas Tasch wrote:
Just to add to the other mentioned pros for PHPStorm. 

I switched from Eclipse too. PHPStorm just feels right, everything is better organized and you know they thought trough the whole UX and help you to get things done.

Especially the search function is awesome. Search in path, search for functions are superfast (ok, I'm on a SSD MB Air) .. and the search with autocompletion makes really the best guesses I have ever seen. You just need to know one or more parts of the class or function name and it finds it.

Although I don't use it PHPStorm has  a vi-mode :)

The only thing which is a bit too many clicks away is the VCS->Git->Git Pull/Push .. but as anything you can make a shortcut for this.

Thanks for letting me try it out, I have become a happy customer a few weeks ago. 


Am Freitag, 31. Mai 2013 18:49:10 UTC+2 schrieb Niels Braczek:
Hi @all,

I just got asked by a JetBrains representant about feed back from the

> Hello Niels,
> My name is Mikhail Vink and I'm Product Marketing Manager for
> PhpStorm IDE at JetBrains. Some time ago open source license for
> Joomla community has been renewed by my colleague Julia and I have
> a few topics to discuss.
> First of all, we would be grateful if you provide us any feedback on
> our product from you or community - we value feedback by our advanced
> users a lot and it can help us to make product better. Also we would
> really appreciate if you mention on Joomla pages that you use PhpStorm
> for open source development - it will help us to spread the word about
> productive PHP development - is it possible?
> Thank you and have a great weekend!

Please send your feedback to me at nbra... AT bsds.de. I'll forward it to

Who is responsible for the last point (mentioning PhpStorm on Joomla!
pages)? Please let me know, what we can do for PhpStorm regarding that
(maybe a 'Supported by' banner?).


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