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[FD] RootedCON 2020 Call For Papers is open!

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*** /RootedCON'2020 - Main event ***

-=] About RootedCON

RootedCON is a technology congress that will be developed in Madrid
(Spain) from 5 - 7 of march 2020.

With an estimated seating from 2.500 to 3.000 people, is the most
relevant specialized congress that is held in the country, and one of
the most relevant in Europe, with attendee profiles ranging from
students, Law Enforcenment Agencies to professionals in the technology
and information security market and, even, just passionate people.

This is our XI edition, *after one tenth anniversary!*. And as in every
edition, we want it to make it special :)

-=] Talk types

We will mostly accept two kind of talks:

- Fast talks:           20 minutes.
- Standard talks:  50 minutes.

There will exist a limited number of talks of both types having, even,
the possibility of working with the schedule to extend a talk beyond the
20 minutes limit, or to reduce a 50 minutes one.

We encourage you to BE ORIGINAL with your proposals. We accept *rare*
talks and thematic, on culture or politics (always orbiting around the
concepts technological or Information Security).

-=] International speakers

There is simultaneous Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation on
all tracks, so please do not hesitate to inscribe a talk, wherever you
are from :)

Be sure to indicate the language in which you will give it:

              [ES] - Spanish
              [EN] - English

=] Topics we are looking for

Any interesting topic related to TECHNOLOGY, having examples below and
not limited to:

- ANY original topic that contributes content to our audience!
- Any hacking topic in any environment: IP, OT, IoT, Cloud, EDGE,
Satellites, Mobiles...
- Reverse engineering, debugging, hooking, fuzzing, exploiting, DFIR,...
- APT, botnets y malware.
- Financial Tech (FinTech)
- Hardware Hacking, Jtag, SWJ, Dap, consoles,...
- Videogames, cheats...
- Cryptography, steganography, covert channels,...
- DEV: MQTT, AMQP, development patterns, distributed development,
- OPS: puppet, jenkins, orchestration, virtualization and containers,
- Culture, philosophy and ethics, future, innovation ... the world!

Remember that we have THREE (maybe FOUR) rooms in multitrack:

- Cibeles Room (~1000 people)
- Lugus Room (~500 people)
- Beginners Room (~500 people)
- Strategy Room (~500 people) (pending confirmation)

-=] Talk submission procedure

We will only accept talks submitted throught the official speaker form:

https://cfp.rootedcon.com/  (both english and spanish)

Any other talk submission will be considered "unofficial" and will not
have any guarantee in being selected.

-=] Speaker benefits and privileges

Every speaker will get these benefits and privileges:

- ONE extra ticket for a partner (1 ticket) to attend the event.
- Diner with all the speakers, RootedLABS trainees, sponsors and the
RootedCON team.
- Accommodation (RootedCON carries with the costs, even the partner)
- Travelling (RootedCON carries with the speaker's costs)
- Full access to all congress areas all the event long.
- The possibility of repeating the speech up to three times, one in
every track (depending of the final rating).
- Some free drinks in the party :)
- Potential job offers management.
- A gift from the organization.

-=] Obligations and duties of the speaker

All speakers that inscribed a talk and get selected must:

a) Confirm that the talk is TECHNICAL and it is supported with Proof of
Concepts (PoC). If PoC are not available, it should be justified.

b) Send talk materials in the agreed dates before the congress. Please,
include details about the PoCs.

c) Accept in an explicit way that all the materials in the talk, as the
audio and video will be published, no matter the format and mechanism in
RootedCON's content management systems or others.

*Please*, make sure you understand your duties as a speaker before
submitting a proposal.

-=] Sponsors and partners

RootedCON is always looking for new quality sponsors. If you have a
propposal or feel your organization may be interested, please do contact
us in:


IMPORTANT: due to the mostly technical essence of the congress and the
prefences shown by our attendeess in multiple polls, we recommend to the
potential sponsors to work in a talk aligned with the expectation of our

Any help, comment, idea, proposal or collaboration will be evaluated in
deep: it is very important for our Congress to receive this kind of new
ideas, as we depend on you to do our best in building the Event.

-=] Critical things to consider

1. Time management and talk duration are critical for the Congress. It
is better to ask for a longer slot, that to try to maximum twenty
minutes, not having time for interesting questions from the public.

2. We will evaluate with more interest those talks considered EXCLUSIVE,
not being shown in any other forum, blog, web, event or congress.

3. We believe in the responsible Full-disclosure so, if your idea is to
show a 0day, we need the confirmation that you have contacted the
vendor/victim. If this contact was not made, we can support you with

4. We can cancel the relationship with the speaker if materials are not
provided in time. The delays may have an impact in travelling and
accommodation and other benefits.

5. PLEASE, it is quite important to *BE CLEAR* in the details of your
travelling and accommodation needs when you submit your talk; if you did
not confirmed your needs, RootedCON keeps the right of not covering new
requirement not submitted initially.

-=] How to contact:


-=] Our links

- Website: https://www.rootedcon.com/en/
- RootedManager: https://reg.rootedcon.com/
- Twitter: @rootedcon #rootedcon, #rooted and #rooted2020
- Facebook: http://bit.ly/fbookrooted
- LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/linkedinrooted
- Rooted mailing-list (spanish): rootedcon AT listas.rooted.es
- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/rootedconmadrid
- Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/rootedcon

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