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[FD] Search engine of leaks

I started working with a leaks search engine and although it has some other
bug, it is very complete.

This search engine works with such sources that it analyzes from:
1) - Github
2) - Pastebin
 3) -Robtex
4) - Shodan
5) - Censys
6) - Email Sherlock
7) - Threatcrowd
8) Alienvault
 9) - Netcraft
10) -Shodan
 11) - Threatminer.
 12) - public ftps repos search engine: filemare
13) - Archive.is: A search engine like waybackmachine but graphic xD. 14) -
Vulners: A database of exploits and organizations with bugs that have been

 Tips to look for: use inurl.

For example: Sqli inurl:pastebin OR Sqli inurl:vulners

 Both: Sqli inurl:pastebin OR inurl:vulners


 I await your opinions. Rootkit

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