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[FD] [Project] Patton: The clever vulnerability knowledge store

Dear colleagues,

Please, let me to introduce Patton project:

- Patton-Server: https://github.com/BBVA/patton-server
- Patton-CLI: https://github.com/BBVA/patton-cli

Patton is project that store the vulnerability information (CVEs) and
link it with product details (CPE) and allow to ask in a **very clever
way**. What that mean?

Patton can **deduce** the CVEs from an imprecise product name.

It’s useful to detect vulnerabilities without do any security test.
Patton CLI has many recipes to detect vulnerabilities for Ubuntu,
Alpine, Brew or Python.

Of course, any suggestion to the project are welcome.

Best regards

Daniel García (cr0hn)
Security researcher and ethical hacker

Personal site: http://cr0hn.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garciagarciadaniel

Twitter: @ggdaniel

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