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Re: [FD] Banknotes Misproduction security & biometric weakness

Am 31.01.2018 um 17:21 schrieb Vulnerability Lab:
> Hello Ben Tasker,
> sorry if the title of the issue did lead you to misunderstand the
> article. The currency is still secure.
> The title refers to the information used for the issue. In case it was
> misleading we will update it but you was the first who misunderstood
> the article by comments.
> "The weakness, the theory goes, is that someone could register a
> "fingerprint" in your system by using a banknote. This'd give them
> access whilst also meaning you didn't at least have a hash of their
> real fingerprint for forensics to find."
> This is correct. Also the problem that others can access with the same
> hologram into for exmaple the high protected area (mil & gov).
> "Another theory is that users might opt to use a banknote instead of
> their own fingerprint. I'm not quite sure what the likelihood of that
> is, in that it's not exactly convenient, and if you're concerned about
> privacy implications from a fingerprint scanner the best option is not
> to use it."
> What about, if the fingerprint of lenovo (bug disclosed parallel to
> us) is our european currency. Means the hardcoded fingerprints that
> published parallel is exactly what we refer to when we talk about a
> universal fingerprint. In the real life it is pretty easy to use it in
> large companies due to the registration and as well on entrance. Maybe
> you feel like the pratical interaction can not happen, we can confirm
> you from germany we was successful. The government disallowed us to
> register the fingerprint to the real system otherwise a compromise
> could not be excluded.

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