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[FD] FiberHome MIFI LM53Q1 Multiple Vulnerabilities


FiberHome Suffers from improper permission handling resulting in modification

of password, exposing sensitive details by unauthorized access.


The portal on FiberHome Mobile WIFI Device Model LM53Q1 VH519R05C01S38
uses SOAP based web services in order to interact with the portal.

Unauthorized Access to Web Services can result disclosure of sensitive
information for example users connected to the device,

Username & Password of Portal & vice versa.The Password or
Administrator ID of Portal can also

be changed via  crafted web service call due to unauthorized access to
web service.


CVE-2017-16885, CVE-2017-16886, CVE-2017-16887


Taimoor Zafar, Aitezaz Mohsin, Jawad Ahmed

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