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[FD] FAQin congress CFP

The FAQin association is proud to announce the third FAQin Congress. It
will take place in Madrid, from March the 1st to 3rd. The venue will be
announced soon, it's in the city center.

Fellow hackers, you have the opportunity to submit your proposal for a
talk/workshop/demo/activity before February 1st. We are interested in
hacking, cracking, phreaking, malware, reversing, exploiting, social
engineering, all kind of networks and protocols, satellites, crypto things,
hardware hacking, lockpicking, ... info AT faqin.org We love offensive
content, but also making, crafting, electronics and every DIY related
stuff. Product talks, corporate speech or selling pitches will be kindly

For the newcomers, The FAQin Congress is a free to attend, self-maintained,
community-driven, sponsor-free event that encourages creativity and enables
attendants to interact with each other in developing their own knowledge
and exploring, showing, teaching, learning, sharing, *.* types of hacking.
We don't buy nor sell anything.  Come along and join us!

To get a voucher that will allow you to attend the talks, you must solve a
CTF-like challenge. Send an email to voucher AT faqin.org and follow the
instructions you will receive. For the very first time, this year everybody
will be able to come to a free access lounge to play a CTF, and access
several hacking activities and maybe solve the challenge to get into the

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