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[FD] BSides Bordeaux Call For Papers (CFP)


We are very excited to bring BSides to France and showcase the Bordeaux and
larger French security community. BSides Bordeaux will be taking place in
Bordeaux (France) on Saturday, October 21st 2017! Our Call For Papers (CFP)
ends this Friday August 11th, so please get your papers in before then if
you are interested in giving a talk.

BSides Bordeaux is a single tracked session consisting of 3 keynotes and a
series of talks or short talks. Talks are 45 minutes long, with 10 minutes
for Q&A, while Short Talks are 25 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A. We
are looking for talks of technical nature around information security. The
talks can focus on engineering, intelligence, web app security, social
engineering and more, but we want our attendees to come away from each talk
with a practical lesson that they can use to help make their organization
more security.

We encourage speakers to submit talks in English or French. Even though
BSides Bordeaux is single-tracked we want speakers to present in whichever
(English or French) language they are most comfortable.

This is our first year hosting the conference and we are operating on a
shoestring budget. We opted to put that budget toward buying lunch for
everyone rather than a travel budget, so we cannot offer travel assistance
this year. Hopefully, that will change after the success of the first event.

Website: https://www.bsidesbdx.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bsidesbdx


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